Free Internet Available To Students For Online Study In Nepal

Free internet available to students for Online Study in Nepal

Kathmandu. Schools and students will get free internet. The Student Learning Facilitation Guideline passed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on 19 August states that the Ministry of Education should provide free internet. The Ministry of Education has instructed the federal, state and local level bodies and stakeholders for the mandatory implementation of this directive from September 20.

The information on the implementation of the directive issued by the ministry states that the three levels of government should implement the directive in order to achieve the learning achievements specified in the national curriculum format and to create an environment conducive to learning for school-age children.

The ministry said free internet was needed after schools and students complained that online classes were affected by the high cost of the internet. However, Keshav Puri, president of the Parents Association of Nepal, has expressed concern over the government's provision of free internet.