Mandatory Admission Card Is Compulsory In Class 12 Examination

Mandatory admission card is compulsory in class 12 examination

The National Examination Board (NEB) has clarified that a total admission card is required to appear for the Class 12 examination. The board has clarified that the original admission card is required for some students and teachers who are demanding recognition for those who have taken photos and sent them through messenger, viber or photocopied.

Due to KOVID-19, students are given the opportunity to take the exam from the examination center that suits them. Out of about 16,000 students who have filled the form to take the exam from the school near Payak, only 14,000 have been approved.

The board has printed and sent question papers to all the district examination centers in the Himalayas and some examination centers in the hills. In the rest of the places, the question papers will be sent by email on the same day and the school will provide the questions to the students by printing or moving them to blackboard as per their convenience.

Controller of Examinations Krishna Prasad Sharma said that the question papers were not printed and sent to any place in the Terai and Kathmandu Valley, adding, “Question papers have been sent to places where there may be inconvenience of internet. Schools in some hilly districts, Terai and Kathmandu Valley will print the question papers we send immediately and make them available to students. ”