Preparations Are Underway To Open Closed Schools Across The Country

Preparations are underway to open closed schools across the country

The local level has been given the right to operate the schools that are closed due to Kathmandu Covid-19. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has prepared a framework for opening schools in view of the state of transition.

According to the framework, the framework has been prepared so that the school can be opened on the recommendation of the school management committee in coordination with the local level. The Ministry has started revising the framework prepared by the Center for Education and Human Resource Development after discussing it.

A cabinet meeting held in September had given the right to open schools to the local level. According to the ministry, the school can be reopened depending on the situation.

The local level has been given the responsibility to prepare the children mentally to go to school by guaranteeing health and safety in the framework.

Safety includes furniture, toilets, adequate lighting and air-conditioned classrooms, soap and water for health and hygiene, sanitizers and heating for school attendants, physical distance adjustment, teachers, mandatory masks and lunch arrangements. Is

Similarly, it is mentioned that rules should be prepared to be followed while going to school, staying at school or returning home and after reaching home. The responsibility of monitoring it has also been given to the local level. In order to manage the academic session, the school will prepare transitional annual work schedule, annual educational plan, the state education training center will determine the level of learning learned by the children as per the Student Learning Facilitation Guideline 2077 and accordingly provide necessary training and orientation to the teachers to facilitate the learning.

Inform the students 15 days before the opening of the school, clean the school, immediately inform the parents or family in case of any health problem in the children, teachers and school staff or similar symptoms of COVID-19, come to the school only after checking the children at risk. It is mentioned in the working frame that the school will be informed in advance and arrangements will be made to test for fever in the school.

Provision should be made to keep details including contact numbers of primary school teachers, parents, staff, doctors, psychosocial counselors, hospitals, ambulances, to be mentally alert about future school closures due to infection, epidemic or any other reason, and to provide counseling to parents of children with disabilities. .

Similarly, to conduct classes or levels at different times, to open and shorten the duration and hours of class operations, depending on the situation, the lower class first or the upper class students first, start the class depending on the risk and convenience, one day some classes and some days the rest. There are options such as conducting classes alternately, some students in the class on one day or time and the rest of the students on the next day or on time, some days a week, a few hours a day.

The local level should make arrangements to conduct classes based on the same option. Prior to the operation of the school, water, health and hygiene should be provided in the school, hand washing after coming to school, covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing, use of safety equipment and warning to clean the equipment and practice it at home.

The school administration should formulate a circle of one meter in the area where classrooms, toilets and drinking water are kept so that the physical distance of teachers, students and staff is maintained and a code of conduct should be prepared to follow it.

Structure: In case of any health problem, the students should be taken to the health facility and informed not to come to the school till they are healthy. The students should be accommodated in the classroom with a physical distance of at least 1 meter.