School Not To Open In Kathmandu Immediately, Making Online Classes Effective

School not to open in Kathmandu immediately, Making online classes effective

Kathmandu. Schools within the metropolitan area will not be opened immediately. The metropolis has decided not to reopen the schools that have been closed for a long time due to Kovid-19.

The Metropolitan Education Department came to this conclusion after a discussion with officials, experts and district security chiefs of the District Disaster Management Center on Wednesday. Kathmandu Chief District Officer Kali Prasad Parajuli also said that it is winter season now and it would be better to make the online classes effective and open them only after some time. The Ministry of Health has said that 50,000 antigens will be tested in the Valley alone in January. In the meantime, make online classes effective, ”he said.

Stating that there would be problems in adhering to the health standards of the children themselves, he said that the same standards should be formulated, the schools opened should be monitored and if the health standards are not met, preparations should be made to close them.