Schools In Kathmandu Valley Will Be Opened From January 15

Schools in Kathmandu Valley will  be opened from January 15

Kathmandu. Community and private schools in the Kathmandu Valley will also be reopened from 15 January by following health standards. The Central Coordinating Committee of COVID-19 has recommended to the Council of Ministers to open various areas including schools.

 The schools here, which have been closed since last April, are preparing to conduct direct classes in coordination with the concerned bodies with the analysis that the non-reopening of the schools during the academic session may have a negative impact on the students. There is also pressure to open schools as online and radio / television based alternative mediums are not effective.

Most of the low-risk schools outside the Kathmandu Valley came into operation with the permission of the local level last November. Those schools have been reopened after a few weeks of closure if infected teachers or students are seen.