Supreme Court Orders Not To Implement New Syllabus Of Class 11 And 12

Supreme Court orders not to implement new syllabus of Class 11 and 12

Amid the epidemic of corona virus (Covid-19) and the movement of mathematicians, the government introduced a new school curriculum this year. The government has implemented a new curriculum for class 11 this year. Reading at school level has also started from last September.

Stakeholders had pressured the government from the beginning not to implement the new curriculum at present. But the government stubbornly implemented the new curriculum. Finally, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered not to implement the new curriculum in a petition filed by Bhagwata Aryal against the government's national curriculum for school education. The Supreme Court has called both the parties for discussion. With the order of the Supreme Court, the new curriculum of class 11 will not be implemented.

The court has asked the Curriculum Development Center Sanothimi to submit a written reply with reasons within the next 15 days. "As per Schedule 8 of the Constitution of Nepal, the curriculum draft has been prepared by the Center on the issue of local level single rights and within the jurisdiction of the local government but has not been implemented.