TU Will Take The Final Exam At The Undergraduate Level In Just Two Hours

TU will take the final exam at the undergraduate level in just two hours

Kathmandu, Tribhuvan University will now take the final examination of postgraduate (MA) in just two hours. The university has decided to reduce the time at the postgraduate level as long as the corona virus (Covid-19) infection persists in Nepal. Changing the nearly four-decade-long practice of taking four-hour exams at the undergraduate level, the university has decided to limit the exams to two hours now.

Dean of the Faculty of Management P.D. Dilliraj Sharma informed that the implementation has been started as soon as the executive council of the university has given the right to change the provision of examination during the corona transition period. It is being implemented after being approved by the Academic Council. This provision will be implemented from the post-graduate level examination to be conducted in the month of Mangsir.

Graduation's Exam One and a half hour

In addition, the graduation examination will now be conducted for only one and a half hours. In the past, undergraduate examinations were conducted in three hours, but now the duration of examinations is reduced by half during the corona transition period. It is said that the university has made this decision as the time has been reduced for the students in the annual examination of class 12.