What Is MBA Course ? The Teaching Method Is Different According To The University

What is MBA Course ? The teaching method is different according to the university

The MBA is a popular topic for global and successful management careers. An MBA is a higher level of management education in a subject that is becoming popular for managing money, equipment and manpower. The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a subject to learn management and entrepreneurship in various industries, factories, banks and other fields and to qualify the youth. This subject has been taught in Nepal for about two and a half decades. After graduation, many students choose MBA.

An MBA is a subject that gives birth to a successful entrepreneur by studying economic, social, geographical and situational conditions. Job opportunities are the main reason why most students choose to have an MBA. The scope of this subject, which is popular in the country and abroad, is also at the international level. Many other subjects are also being taught in universities under MBA. MBA (IT), MBA (HR), MBA (Finance), MBA (Marketing), MBA (Accountant), MBA (Project Management) are the subjects to be studied under MBA.

1. MBA in Finance

This is a topic related to finance and banking. To work in the finance sector, it is necessary to be proficient in Math, Economics, Accounts. After studying this fund, one can get a job in finance, accounting, banking, co-operative finance.

2. MBA in IT

Must have a bachelor's degree in computer science to study for a Masters in Business Administration in Information Technology. After studying this subject, one can gain proficiency in management and technology. After studying MBAIT, you can start your own business. After studying this subject, students can run their business related to technology.

3. MBA of Marketing

An MBA in Marketing helps you build a career in marketing. This subject teaches us skills that can be used in any field. By studying this subject you can make a career in marketing, sales, operations management.

4. MBA of Accountancy

The MBA of Accounting provides students with a high level of knowledge of business courses and a good level of knowledge and skills in a business. After studying this subject, the student can get a job in the field related to account.

5. MBA of Project Management

With the increase in the scope of MBA, the number of students studying this subject in Nepal is also increasing. Various colleges have started teaching this subject. Kathmandu University (KU) started teaching this subject for the first time in Nepal in 1993. This issue has been introduced in Nepal for two decades. During this period, other universities in Nepal like Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University and Eastern University have started teaching. With increasing industrialization, economic development, expansion of financial development institutions, the pressure of MBA students is increasing. More than 50 colleges across the country have conducted MBA subjects.

Universities for MBA are as follows.

1. Tribhuvan University

At Tribhuvan University, Masters of Business Administration is taught for two years in four semesters. 60 credits are studied in a period of 2 years. According to Tribhuvan University's website, each student has to pay Rs 385,000. Students from SAARC countries have to pay Rs 494,000. The university keeps Rs 10,000 before admission and returns it after the student completes his studies. MBA in Finance, MBA in Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Human Resources. There are 16 weeks of study in each semester in TRI. To study MBA at Kathmandu University, one must have completed 15 years of formal education. 12 years of secondary education and 3 years of bachelor's level formal education are required. Students must have obtained at least 2 GPA in all subjects.

2. Kathmandu University

MBA course is taught in Kathmandu University for two years. There is a complete course of 6 trams for a period of two years. Students have to study for 14 weeks in 3 trims a year. Emphasis has also been placed on experimental education for students. According to the Kathmandu University website, students have to pay a total of Rs 490,000 to study for an MBA. Students are required to pay 12 installments rather than paying all at once. Students from SAARC countries have to pay 1/3 of the prescribed amount. Similarly, students from other countries have to pay double. The university keeps Rs 10,000 before admission and returns it after the student completes his studies. . MBA in Kathmandu University offers such subjects as: MBA in Finance, MBA in Marketing, MBA in Project Management, MBA in Human Resources. Kathmandu University